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I went to the comic store to day and they had a refillable tachikaka pen so i'd figer for 4$ I'd getting it. small proablem thought. I can't get any ink out it and i can't find any page the tell me how to get the ink a flowing. *cry* it came with this mysteriosu pice paper that have japenese writing on it but i can't tell if there are instrution or warning not to stick the pen up my nose!! *crys more* i jsut want to try my knew pen can anyone tell me how to get eh ink to go?

  posted by Chibi Alex-chan @ 3:47 PM


I didn't win the tokyopop contest. *sighs* i'm way behind on my comics.
but on the plus side i'm almost ready to lanch my new site re-design.

  posted by Chibi Alex-chan @ 11:08 PM

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